Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Your feedback is important to us

We have a strong customer service culture and strive to increase customer satisfaction. We use your feedback to improve our service delivery by really getting to know your needs and expectations. As current holders of the Customer Service Excellence Award with compliance plus in 13 of the criteria, we monitor and review our processes as part of continuous improvement. Your feedback provides us with key information about what you think as a user of our services and helps us make informed decisions about improvements; it also helps us identify area where we are doing a good job.

What happens when you provide feedback?

There is a Departmental strategy in place to monitor and respond to feedback suggestions. We collate all of the feedback into a report which is presented to managers meetings for review on a monthly basis where we look for themes, explore ideas and discuss solutions to problems identified. Please do add your contact details when providing feedback, that way we can respond to your directly.

What do we do with your feedback?

If we can implement a change or improvement based on your feedback we will. If however we can’t, we will explain to you the reasons why.

Here’s a summary of what has happened as a result of your feedback during Autumn 2017
  • Standing desks have been purchased and are now available on the 1st floor of the Morrell Library
  • We have provided student kitchen facilities on the 1st Floor of the Harry Fairhurst building
  • YorSearch has been updated to include the shelf mark in the search results screen
  • New welcome emails are now sent to new PhD students, telling them about Library Services
  • Improvements have been made to the wifi access in the Harry Fairhurst building
  • A new accessible study room is now available in the Harry Fairhurst building
  • We are in discussions with our colleagues in Estates about the varying temperatures across our buildings
Please continue to pass on your ideas about how we can make improvements. Further details of how to submit feedback is available on our web pages or you can simply pop in and speak to someone in person at the Helpdesk based in the Library and Kings Manor Library, or add a comment to our whiteboard in the Foyer of the Morrell building.

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