Friday, 17 October 2014

What do you really think about IT?

Following on from Jackie Knowles’ post on the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) award last week, Sarah Peace reflects on what CSE has meant in practice for Information.

One of the things we've put into practice and value greatly since starting the process of achieving CSE is our customer feedback.

I've been in charge of the IT Support Office for five years and although we've always had ways our customers could provide feedback, including comment cards and the IT Survey, this is an area we've really enhanced upon. 

In March this year, we introduced a satisfaction sampling method from our enquiry handling system. This sends a satisfaction survey email to one in ten closed enquiries that we have dealt with. The survey asks two questions: Were you happy with how we handled your query? and How useful was the response you received? Users can choose to respond anonymously or leave the specific enquiry number.

We had been worried that surveying our customers like this might case survey fatigue, but a month after switching it on we wondered why hadn't done it years ago! Since March we've received over 300 replies, with 93% of respondents saying Yes, they were happy with how we handled the query, and 87% rating us four or five out of five on how useful the response was.

These results are fantastic and we’re currently beating our target of 90% which is in our Service Standards (I think we’ll need to increase this target soon!).

Here's some of the feedback we received:

“It was extremely complicated and other depts were passing me from pillar to post but you got it sorted out”
“It was handled quickly and efficiently and gave me all the options so I could choose which was the best way forward”
“Efficient and very helpful. Not a complicated process at all”
“Support team gave a fast and friendly series of responses and resolved the issue”

What do we do with this feedback? Any feedback which mentions a particular service is passed on to the service owner within the department. Any staff feedback is passed directly to the individual. One team has joked that they get so much positive feedback they may need to start a gold star chart in the office.

The difference between this feedback mechanism and others is that it’s about a specific issue and we can get back to the user on an individual basis. It also helps us to gain a greater understanding of what our customers expect.

This week we’re also running a “penny for your thoughts” campaign to sample the satisfaction level for our in person queries. Every walk-in customer is given a penny and asked to choose whether they are happy or not with the service they have received. This is a very quick and cheap way to sample satisfaction levels. This is what the box looked like on day two:

At the end of this month, we will also be running the IT Survey again for all staff and students. I would encourage you all to complete this, as we really do value your feedback and this helps to shape what IT Services will look like in the future. Please take time to look at what we’re doing with the results of the last survey we ran here.

And if you have any thoughts on how we gather feedback, we’d love to hear them.

Sarah Peace

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