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Brain Food

Food and drink: sustenance for our bodies but also our minds. When you're chowing down on your favourite food the chemical compounds, history or cultural significance probably don't cross your thoughts too often. The fact is there's so much more to the things we put in our bodies than the delicious taste. Just think for example of the way we celebrate birthdays, holidays and religious festivals, new jobs, the birth of a baby; it generally involves a lot of food! The smell of a childhood dish can suddenly transport you back in time sparking memories you didn't realise were there. Food and drink have much significance for cultural and social identity, the negotiation of relationships, not to mention the strange things going on behind the scenes in labs all over the world. There's an endless variety of studies and just dipping your toe in the pool can change the way you see the things you consume.
In this post I will explore some of the books and journals in the Librar…

Pigs, Plums and Oyster loaves: Food in the Borthwick Archives