Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence

In a tribute to those affected by the recent attacks in Paris, Stephen Town donates another thought provoking book in his Nightshelf series.

Armstrong, K., Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence, in the University Library at C91.17 ARM.

The appalling violence of last week calls for an educated response from those in institutions of learning. The best I can do is to donate a book this week that thoughtfully and articulately lays out the history of violence and its relationship to religion.

The author of this title, Karen Armstrong, is noted as a wise and intelligent commentator, and her ‘The Battle for God’ was the most compelling and insightful explanation of fundamentalism I have read. The often perceived connections between religion and violence are well documented in the media. But ‘Fields of Blood’ may serve as a corrective to those looking to lay easy blame.