Monday, 21 July 2014

Refurbishment of DL/138 IT Study area

Andrew Mowle has good news for users of Derwent's IT rooms.

This summer, one of our Derwent IT rooms, D/L/138, is being completely refurbished. During the planning process we consulted with students, offering a number of options and suggested designs and asking them to express their preferences - the responses showed that what's most important to students is increased PC provision in this area.

The refurbishment will increase the room's capacity from 28 to 38, and the space is made more flexible by the introduction of power sockets at all desks to allow you to charge and use your laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.

The room is equipped with new Stone PCs on Stone Unistands - as the images below show, the stand gives easy access to USB ports, and allows you to store the keyboard neatly out of the way if you want to free up desk space to use your own device (obviously, you should only do this if there are plenty of free PCs; when people are waiting, it's best to go elsewhere - most public areas have wifi access).

Images of Stone PC and Unistand, copyright of Stone Group.

New carpets are being fitted and the room is being re-decorated. Air conditioning has now been installed here, and also in the IT room downstairs (D/L/050). The printers will be relocated into the entrance area downstairs to make them more accessible.

The photo below, taken at the start of the refurbishment, shows the floor already stripped, the existing maroon vinyl wallpaper awaiting removal, and the mounting plate for the air conditioning unit installed above the notice board.

The next photo was taken on 18 July and shows the redecorating completed, air conditioning fitted, and desks (with power points) and chairs all in place. All that's missing are 38 PCs. Once these have been fitted, the room will re-open on Monday 28 July.

During the summer vacation, a number of other IT rooms will close to allow for maintenance work, and Estates work. You can find details at:

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